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The FKFIC/FORKNI-L factions were formed when FORKNI-L listmember Sharon 'Scottie' Scott made the mistake of mentioning her frog phobia on the mailing list. As it was during the 18-month hiatus between seasons, two list members, whose favorite character was/is LaCroix, apparently got bored and independently sent Scottie some frog memorabilia (stuffed toys, cards, etc.) Scottie informed both of them that they were both so mean that they had to be cousins, and related to LaCroix.

The other listmembers who appreciated LaCroix immediately began calling themselves Cousins, and referring to LaCroix as Uncle (a practice now habitually followed by most listmembers, regardless of faction. Even Knighties.)

Shortly after the 'frog attack', Scottie wrote a short story in which she received a suspicious-looking letter in the mail, and called Nick Knight to come check it out for her. And the battle was on. The post quickly grew into a round-robin short story, with most members of the fiction list contributing, and banding together into factions supporting their favorite characters. This, in turn, became the first war.

Within the confines of the story/war, list members role-play themselves, interacting with and occasionally 'attacking' the characters of the Forever Knight universe, not to mention each other. Frequently. (The more memorable attacks have included the destruction of hard drives, tons of tuna, an eight-foot chocolate bunny, the kidnapped live bunny, Sandra Grey drunk in a wine celler with LaCroix, theft of socks, the notorious car bomb, and the multiple redecoratings of Nick's loft and The Raven.) Since then, full-scale wars have broken out seven times, and even the Highlander fen have gotten into the game, with a war on HLFIC-L.

The factions tend towards the example of the character they follow; i.e. don't turn your back on a Cousin, Ravenettes have the best fashion sense, NatPackers have no sense of self-preservation, Knighties won't attack, they only retaliate. (NOTE: Knightie definition of 'attack' is flexible, subject to change :)).


Archivists - follow Dorian, a character in Susan Garrett's novels False Heart and Kind Soul.
Cohen-heads - Cpt. Amanda Cohen
Cousins - Lucien LaCroix
Die-Hards - refuse to choose a faction. During wars, think of them as Switzerland.
FoDs (Friends of Don) - Don Schanke (pronounced 'food', natch)
FoSiLs (Friends of Sydney Lambert) - Sydney Lambert, Nat's cat
Knighties - Nick Knight (also Knight, Lady of the Knight)
Light Cousins -LaCroix's human side
Lurkers - dedicated to creating chaos any ol' place they feel it appropriate
Mercenaries - will work for chocolate, tapes, etc.
Mikis - Miklos
Natpackers - Natalie Lambert
Perkulators - Tracy Vetter
RatPack - Screed
Ravenettes - Janette DuCharme (guys are called Ravens)
Reese's Pieces - Cpt. Reese
Stonetree-ites - Cpt. Joe Stonetree.
Ursines/Urchins - Urse
Vaqueros (y Vaqueras) - Javier Vachon
WoofPackers -- Perry the Vampire Dog

There are also fractions for just about every combination of characters. To name a few:

Heartbreakers -- Nick and Vachon fans
Nick&NatPackers -- Nick and Natalie fans
Immortal Beloveds -- Nick and Janette together
Nanettes -- Natalie and Janette fans
Valentines -- Natalie and LaCroix fans
Unnamed Faction


War 1 * War 2 * War 3 * War 4

War 5 -- coming as soon as the, generous person who offered to edit it gets done editing it.

War 6 - waged by the listmembers as a whole against the evil forces of Columbia TriStar and USA Networks. Rage Against the Dying of the Knight!

War 7 -- see War 5, except that the fooli... um, nice person is Abby. :)

FKFIC-L War Drinking Game -- created by Perri Smith, with input from most of the War 7 Leader Loop.

War 8 War 5 Quote List -- compiled by Dianne De Sha

War 7 Quote List -- compiled by Dianne De Sha

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