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Click on the pictures to download them. With thanks and snitching acknowledgments to Laurie Salopek and the FK FTP site, the Sci-fi Channel FK site, Tami LaFrank, Sharon Himmeman and Knighties Maryann Jorgensen, Catherine Boone, Vickie Bratton and Melissa Taylor.

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Here are some favorites from the 'Weekend with Ger' fan club conventions, otherwise known as 'GigglyCon' 1 and 2 or 'The Gertherings.'

Explanations might be in order for a few of these. Clockwise from upper left: Ger with an FK script put up for the charity auction; Ger with Valerie Meachum -- the shirt reads "I don't think Betty Ford takes vampires" in Welsh; Ger in Nick's notorious black silk pajamas, also for the auction; Ger at a panel; Ger biting the script (later on, he put on lipstick and kissed some!). All from the first weekend.

These are from the second Weekend's Q&A session. Anyone want to guess the questions?

Ger's Q&A following his final performance as Petruchio in 'Taming of the Shrew' in Toronto, as part of the 1996 DuMarier Festival.

Some shots of Ger as Klaus Helsing in Dracula: The Series. These pics are taken from K'lin's wonderful Klaus Helsing gallery.

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