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Geraint Wyn Davies

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Geraint Wyn Davies stars as the ruggedly handsome Nick Knight, a 13th century vampire struggling to regain his mortality while working as a homicide detective, in the dramatic adventure series "Forever Knight." The series is produced by Paragon Entertainment Corporation in association with TriStar Television and Germany's Telemnchen, and is syndicated domestically by Columbia TriStar Television Distribution. It is currently airing on the USA Network and in syndication.

Born in Swansea, Wales, to a Welsh congregational preacher and a school teacher, Geraint was seven when he and his family moved to Canada. He graduated from Upper Canada College, after which he entered the University of Western Ontario, studying business and economics before deciding to pursue a career in acting.

In 1976, Geraint made his professional stage debut in Quebec City, appearing in "The Fantasticks," "Red Emma" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream." After moving on to London's Centre Stage Theatre Company, he began to cross over into television and he completed his first feature film role in "Deadly Harvest" with Clint Walker.

Performing for eight seasons in both the Shaw Festival and the Stratford Festival in Canada, Geraint gained a reputation as a gifted stage performer for his many presentations, including such roles as Fitzambay in "The Music Cure," Marchbanks in "Candida," Christian in "Cyrano de Bergerac," Nicky Lancaster in "The Vortex," Malcolm Lowry in "Goodnight Disgrace," Henry V in "Henry V," D'Artagnan in "The Three Muskateers" and Antipholus of Syracuse in the Rogers and Hart musical "The Boys from Syracuse." Other commercial stage performances include "My Fat Friend" in Los Angeles and "Sleuth" with Patrick McNee in Toronto.

Geraint continued his stage career when he relocated to England by joining The British Actors Theatre Company as the lead in their production of "The Last Englishman." This was followed by two seasons with Wales' leading English theatre company, Theatre Clwyd, where he toured the United Kingdom as the lead in "An Enemy of the People" and "Hamlet."

On the small screen, he has appeared in numerous television movies, including "Ghost Mom," "Hush Little Baby," "Other Women's Children," "The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man," "Bury Me in Niagra," "Mother of Pearl," "Ikwe" and the Clive Donner film "For Better and For Worse"; played the lead in the television series "Airwolf" and "To Serve and Protect"; appeared as a regular on "The Judge" and "Dracula: The Series"; and made numerous guest starring appearances in such programs as "Robocop," "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues," "Highlander," "Hidden Room," "Matrix," "Diamonds" and many others.

Geraint currently lives in Southern California with his wife and two children, Galen and Pyper.



D.O.A. [Jon] Deadly Harvest (1975?) [Michael]

Made for TV Movies

Bionic Showdown, The: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989) [Allan Devlin] Cope Edison Twins II [Dez Ranger] Ghost Mom (1993) [Martin Mallory] (a.k.a. Bury Me In Niagra, Didn't We Bury You Yesterday) Hangin' in "Plasma Suite" [Drake] Hush Little Baby [Dr. Martin Nolan] Ikwe (1985) [Angus] Learning to Fly [Young Pilot] Other Women's Children (1994) [Matt Stewart] Paid Vacation [Rick Jarrell] Terror Stalks the Class Reunion (1992) (a.k.a. For Better or Worse)

TV Series, Pilots, and Episodic Appearances

Airwolf (1984) [Major Mike Rivers] Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Reunion [Paul Stebbins] Black Harbour The Campbells (1995?) [Dan?] Canadians, The: Ambush at Iroquois Point [Thomas] Diamonds (1987) [Russion Ballet Dancer] Dracula, The Series: The Rise and Fall of the Romanian Vampire (1990) [Klaus] Dracula, The Series: Klaus Encounters of the Interned Kind (1990) [Klaus] Dracula, The Series: (uknown episode name) (1990) [Klaus] Festival Series: Earthbound [Lloyd] For the Record: Cementhead [Joey] Forever Knight (1992-1996) [Detective Nick Knight] Great Detective, The: Death on Delivery [Robert Sutcliffe] Hidden Room: Dangerous Dreams (1993) High Hopes [Glen] Highlander: Turnabout (1993) [Michael/Quentin] In Their Shoes: The Loyalist [Nick] The Judge [Allan Pearson] Kung Fu, The Legend Continues: (The Possessed) (1994) [Lawrence] Littlest Hobo, The: Once Upon a Tyme (1981) [David Barrington] Littlest Hobo, The: Scavenger Hunt (pts 1 and 2) [Adam] Matrix: Collateral Damage [Tom Reeves] Outer Limits, The Robocop, The Series: Provision 22 (1994) [Martin] Side Street: Once a Hero [Gary] So the Story Goes: (unknown episode names) Sweating Bullets: For a Song (1991?) [Frank Hallstead] To Serve and Protect [Jimmy Hogan]

Stage Performances

1984 [Musical Director] Blood of an Englishman [Cockcroft] Boys from Syracuse [Antipholous S.] Candida [Marchbanks] Canuck [Alward] Christmas Carol, A [Nephew Fred/Albert Hall] Cloud Nine [Joshua/Gary] Count Dracula [Jonathan Harker] Cyrano de Bergerac [First Marquis] Cyrano de Bergerac [Christian] Devil's Disciple [Sargeant] Fantastiks The Fascinating FOundling [Brabazon] Goodnight Disgrace [Malcolm Lowry] Hamlet [Hamlet] Henry V [King Henry V] How He Lied to Her Husband [Apjohn] Mass Appeal [Mark Dolson] The Merchant of Venice [Bassanio] A Midsummer Night's Dream Misalliance [Percival] Music Cure [Fitzamby] My Fat Friend [James Anderson] Pericles [Pericles] Red Emma The Relapse [Young Fashion] Richard III [Henry VII] Ring Around the Moon [Hugo/Frederick] Sleuth [Milo Tindle] Taming of the Shrew [Hortensio] The Tempest [Ferdinand] The Three Musketeers [D'Artagnan] Translations [Yolland] The Vortex [Nicky Lancaster] The Winter Tale [Cleomenes] Taming of the Shrew [Petruchio]

The Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club

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Send snail mail to:

The Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club
c/o Rosemary Shad
4133 Glendale Road
Woodbridge, VA 22193


$16 per year in US
$16.00 U.S. $21.00 in Canada (U.S. currency only please)
$22.00 other countries (U.S. currency only please)
checks should be made to Rosemary Shad

What you get:

First year membership package gets you a membership card, 8x10" autographed B/W photo, 3" autographed badge, a 45+ page book with Geraint's background, stage and screen credits, reviews, pics, and more. Plus a member CICN list (Common Interests Correspondence Net),and a newsletter approx every 4 months, plus other goodies throughout the year!When you first join you will get an information sheet to fill out and return. We also ask that you try to send us a recent snapshotof yourself for our club records and periodic special materials.

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Forever Knight Fan Club

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Cost: $15 (US) per year
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The First Forever Knight Fan Club of Canada

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302 Roselawn Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4R 1G1

Cost: CA$25 per year in Canada
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What you get: Your own pair of fangs, a club card/badge, six newsletters, story synopses, and an 8x10 photo.

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