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3/04/2001 -- New Web Mistress and URL.

3/14/97 -- updated all faction links again, added pictures, new sound. Added air dates for Ger's Dracula eps, link to Klaus fic, airtimes for Forever Knight on Sci-Fi channel. Updated all links to FORKNI-L, FK-FIC, Virtual 4th Season. Party quote lists coming back up as soon as I make room. The rest is up to Karen Tobin, as I turn the page over to her. Take it away, Karen!

1/24/97 - at long last, I have updated, and pretty much finished the page to my standards. New pics in the gallery, updated Knightie addresses and faction links. Took down quote lists for the moment. Knightie fiction page is toast.

8/27/96 -- added new pictures and sounds, updated GWD fan club info. New quote lists, fixed links to first 3 wars. Knightie fic list still down. Fixed old sound links. New pictures from Gerthering, added Vaquero link. Reorganized Dracula section to its own page, added a Klaus sound and four Klaus pictures, and a link to K'lin's Klaus gallery.

6/6/96 -- added new pictures and sounds, fixed all of the links and added new ones. Knightie fiction list still down. Added Shrew Quote List.

5/5/96 -- added new quote lists, sounds and link to the Fanzine page. Shrew Quote List to come.

3/31/96 -- added Nick sound page and a link to the Dumarier World Stage Festival home page. Will add Shrew Con and Nick&NatPack home pages as soon as I remember where I left the URL's. Added two new quote lists to the archive.

2/19/96 -- added new Nick&Nat and Nick&Janette pics to the Gallery, and split it into four pages. Added a new sound to the Ger page, and linked in the second AOL chat. Added new stories to the Knightie fanfic page. Added the Top Twenty Reasons list.

2/6/96 -- thumbnailed all the pictures in the gallery and linked in some new ones. Set up the link to the FK Quote list, fixed the link to War 4 and put a link to list info on the Factions page.

1/28/96 -- Set up the New page. New section, FORKNI-L, with the Factions page, linking to the wars, and a link to the party quote lists.

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