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Nick Sounds

Contributions more than welcome! Most of these are courtesy of Laura W. Petix

For more Ger sounds, check out his Dracula sound bites, also courtesy of Laura.

New Sounds

" Who cares about that? Who cares about them? We are so much more than them. Who cares about their petty laws?"
"I do." -- Nick and Janette, 'False Witness'. .wav

"Help me? Are you serious?" -- Nick, 'Only the Lonely'. .wav

"You're a unique woman."
" No. I'm a scientist." -- Nick and Natalie, 'Only The Lonely'. .wav

" Number one: I thought I told you to stay away from there. Number two: you're supposed to cover this place from the outside." -- Nick to Schanke, 'For I Have Sinned' .wav

"Twenty Hail Marys--promise you'll never go in there again." -- Nick, 'For I Have Sinned'. .wav

"Come on, Nick -- the truth is out there."
"Yeah, but maybe just not in our juridiction" -- Reese and Nick, 'Ashes to Ashes'(?). .wav

Nick Knight

"I couldn't stop myself." -- Nick, 'Last Night'. .wav

"I've taken too much." -- Nick, 'Last Night'. .wav

. "She had faith in me--in what's beyond... that this would be a beginning, not an end. (.wav) I have that faith, too. (.wav)" -- Nick, 'Last Night'

"Well, if you don't like what's on the menu, you can always leave." -- Nick. .wav.

"Damn you. Burn in hell. Va au diable!" -- from 'Dark Knight'. .wav

What time is it, what day is it... what century is it?" -- from 'Dying for Fame'. .wav

"If by irritation you mean the feeling that a thousand scorpians has stung me all at once, yes, thank you very much the irritation has stopped." -- from 'Hunted'. .wav

"This whole experiment goes down the tubes if I spontaneously combust in the middle of Bay Street, doesn't it?!" -- from 'The Fix. .wav

"I can have my humanity back, but only for as long and for as much as you're willing to give it to me! And I-I-I-I and they will give me back my immortality, but only by night and only for exchange for my soul!" -- from 'The Fix'. .wav

"If you won't give me what I want, I'll find someone who will, and if you won't help me, I'll have to do what I want... alone." -- from 'The Fix'. .wav

"I'm not yours anymore." -- from 'The Fix'. .wav

"Stay out of the sun, keep away from sharp sticks, you'll live forever. That is supposed to be the deal." -- from 'Fever'. .wav

Nick and Natalie

"I won't leave you. Whatever happens, we'll be together."
"Forever." -- Nick and Natalie, 'Last Night'. .wav

"I'm asking for an end, Nick. For a resolution. I'm not willing to go on like this.".wav
"I'm leaving... tonight.".wav -- Natalie and Nick, 'Last Night'

"I'm afraid of what might happen."
"Don't be afraid. I'm not afraid of death, or of an eternity in darkness, as long as I can spend it with you. All I have is faith and love; all I'm asking is for you to make love to me." -- Nick and Natalie, 'Last Night.' .wav

"I'm a big girl now, in case you hadn't noticed."
"Oh, I've noticed, I've noticed. I just happen to feel a little protective."
"Yeah, protective." "Protective, like, towards a sister, protective?"
"Yeah, like towards a sister, yeah!"
"Perfect." -- from 'Only the Lonely'. .wav

"And you're not afraid?"
"Fear is based on ignorance. I's rather try to understand." -- from 'Only the Lonely'. .wav

"Nat, it's gone."
"What's gone?"
"Oh, God, it's gone."
"What do you mean, Nick? Talk to me! What do you feel?"
"It... the vampire... it's gone!" -- From 'The Fix'. .wav

"You just went through a red light!" "I did? Haha! Go on!" -- From 'The Fix'. .wav

Nick and Janette

"Don't mock me." "Somebody has too." -- from 'Killer Instinct'. .wav

Nick and LaCroix

"No... not the devil, LaCroix."
"What then?"
"You... are my closest friend." -- Nick and LaCroix, 'Last Night'. .wav.

"You had no choice but to destroy her."
"I had a choice. I could have done as Divia asked." -- Nick and LaCroix, 'Ashes to Ashes'. .wav

"Good night, LaCroix."
"Nicholas." -- Nick and LaCroix, 'Ashes to Ashes'. .wav

"Forgive me... it's not my place to criticise your hospitality."
"Especially when you're not invited." -- Nick and LaCroix. .wav

"So who is the more powerful in the end--the hunter or the hunted?"
"I don't know." -- Nick and LaCroix..wav

"What is it you want?"
"What I have always wanted... companionship." -- Nick and LaCroix..wav

"You're deranged." "Yes, I know." -- from 'Father Figure'. .wav

"You follow carnage like a vulture." "Oh, I don't care for the conflict -- it's very noisy, don't you agree? But I love the free food." -- from 'Unreality TV'. .wav

"A father provides love, discipline, guidance, protection and support. That's not bad."
"He left out freedom."
"So would I." -- from 'Father's Day'. .wav


"What are you thinking, Knight?"
"I have absolutely no idea." -- Stonetree and Nick, from ???. .wav

FK Blooper Reel

"I was beginning to think that you'd forgotten all about me."
"Don't you know that it... it's really a bad idea to come in without your lines learnt?" -- Janette and Nick/GWD. .wav.

"And you called because?" -- Nick. .wav.

"I must be crazy... excuse me." -- Nick. .wav.

"But it's no oatmeal!!" -- GWD, impersonating Nigel's commercial after surprising him with an Oatmeal Crisp box instead of a cross. .wav.

"She's already killed one man for money; she's not going to let a sc...umbag like Schanke dump on her." -- Nick/GWD. .wav.

"Police officer! ...Can someone help me with my badge?" -- Nick/GWD. .wav.

"Have any eb... better ideas?"
"Not as screwy as yours..."
"But, Hell, let's just try to get out of this scene as best we can." -- Nick/GWD and John Kappelos. .wav.

"I put my hand on your breast... it was great. That was great."
"Can't feel a thing...." -- GWD and Catherine Disher. .wav.

"He'll never let me alone--he'll never let me live--until I'm finding a cure up my wingwang and dooda all the day!" -- Nick/GWD. .wav.

"Did you learn anything when you were dying on me?"
"I learnt that I have to live with the choice I made 800 years ago... and that I've got a drinking problem." -- Natalie and Nick/GWD. .wav.

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